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Yifan cosmetic packaging co.,ltd , a Shantou-based firm specializing in high quality and innovative lipstick container packaging.

One of the major requirements for marketing packaging is to have astonishing containers that come with countless solutions. And one of the best tricks of the trade is to make it as shiny and dazzling as possible. Dazzling decoration can be achieved in many ways. Yifan, a pioneer of lipstick packaging design and one of the leading manufacturers of lipstick containers that supplies worldwide, introduces its many dazzling solutions.

Our lipstick container uses a unique and highly effective electroplating process  with a smooth mirrored visual effect, with no ugly graininess or uneven wavy lines.

Our electroplating decoration brings a touch of elegance and life to normal plastic objects, and provides companies with the means to differentiate a brand on the shelf through sophistication and excellent marketing value.