Top window lipstick containers


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The tube is a small one, yet elegant and attractive.  Top window is made by AS materials. Has excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance, not easy to produce cracking, High transparency. cap and base are made by ABS materials,  and painted pearl white,  The middle part of the lipstick container is translucent red,  The combination of red and white was very pleasantly surprised with the quality and overall look!


By fitting a small recess on the top of the container and fitting a clear plastic top to it, the company can add some colour and style.


We can tailor the lipstick containers to customers’ needs through a number of techniques. Metallization is a popular option, allowing for a sleek appearance without the added weight of actually using metal to house the cosmetic.


The top window option, which can be used for marketing messages, visual impact, colour categorization, and more ensure that the product is easily recognizable at a glance and can be distinguished from other containers easily.


Product Description:

Item No.: YF1018

Logo :  silk screen, hot stamping

Size : H82.8mm   Dia. 17.5mm

Package : carton packing, wave board, OPP bags, EPE foam

MOQ: 12000 pcs


YIFAN got various lipstick containers for your kindly requirement and more types for your choice. The lipstick containers can be accepted ODM & OEM.