Unique Blue Lipstick Tube


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We are committed to design the new products to improve brand effect. When completing the development of new cosmetic container, we will be the first to design the most beautiful surface treatment scheme for it, to achieve the most attractive effect. 


Has just released a new line of Unique Blue Lipstick Tube. 


Generally, blue lets people associate to the ocean and sky, and shows a kind of beauty and calm. We spray coating into blue to the lipstick tube’s lid and bottom, to maximize the embodiment of the unique features of it and have the elegant temperament, which is definitely not owned by monochrome color of the traditional lipstick tube. In addition, there is a red gem piece at the top of this blue lipstick tube, it is so exciting and every girl will like it. 


In order to improve brand effect, in addition to this blue lipstick, we also developed lip gloss tube and eyelash tube of the same series, they are a perfect combination to provide a luxurious new choice to customers.


Product Description:

Item No.: YF1009

Logo :  silk screen, hot stamping

Size : H77.4mm  

Package : carton packing, wave board, OPP bags, EPE foam

MOQ: 12000 pcs